I have made a decision

I am not going to call my father anymore.

I called today because its Father’s Day.

Honestly, he’s so drunk when I call I can’t imagine that he even remembers. And its impossible to hold a conversation. I just end up upset.

I actually have been making a lot of decisions about my family. I have a couple more difficult ones to make in the upcoming weeks.


3 thoughts on “I have made a decision

  1. I’m so sorry. I know how difficult this is. I still have to dance around when to call my brother since after a certain hour he becomes so drunk it’s impossible to make any sense of what he says. Mostly I have to call before 7pm…anytime after that is wasted phone time. I hate talking to drunk people. I really hate it.

  2. Oh man – what a bummer. Family stuff is so shit house. My family is a rweck too. When I said to my brother last night “I guess that means I have no parents now since one disowned me and I’ve disowned the other one” his reply was “You’re doing better than me – I’m still stuck with both of them”. Sad state of affairs isn’t it? I so hope you get some comfort from your resolution in how to proceed.

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