People in glass houses

Here are some random things I feel like bitching about:

  • Count me in as one of the people annoyed with this year’s Boston Gay Pride Theme: Proud to Serve. As Jen pointed out, being Proud means being Out, and if you are Out, you’re not serving. So homophobic is the military, in fact, that they will fire desperately need Arabic linguists rather than allow gays in the military. Check this out:

    Furthermore, this isn’t Raleigh Pride, this is Boston Pride. You know, home of the Moonbats. A lot of us are against the war and find this choice offensive.

  • Part of my job is to do internet research. I have been doing research on small town newspapers online. About 10 times today, I have had to watch the hanging corpse of a young naked girl swing across the screen. Is it the latest murder story? No. A marketing promotion for the movie Hostel II. (Warning: graphic)

  • I am going to say something that I don’t say very often, but when it comes to Hollywood, I completely agree with the Christian right. The people who make these films have no concern for the effect on society. They do not care if it is damaging to the collective psyche. When high school students write stories like this, they are in danger of being expelled. We worry about their mental health. Hollywood does it, and its art, or at the very least entertainment.

  • Lastly, I am not going to be joining the Paris Hilton hatefest. Why? I don’t want to incriminate myself, but I can’t help but think of my own drug and alcohol past. I have walked up to the walls of my house, and I can see right through them.

One thought on “People in glass houses

  1. I am in total synch with you today.
    1. I had no idea that was the theme of Boston gay pride. Who comes up with this crap?
    2. I am sick to death of movies like this (and the one with the subway posters, “Captivity”) which use violence against women as entertainment.
    3. I can’t stand the hatred of Paris Hilton. She is a young woman who has most certainly been used/abused in her childhood and everyone thinks they ‘know’ her because they listen to what the media say about her. Imagine having your life filtered through the media. It would be awful.

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