Boy, you guys were right

It’s not nice to see your child under anesthesia. Thank-you for all of your well wishes. He’s doing great. We took him in this morning, and they put him in a little bitty hospital gown. Clowns came in to entertain the kids. Then they took him into the OR. Only one mommy got to go in with him, and it was me.

I held him, while one of the doctors held his head, which wasn’t necessary because he was sitting perfectly still. Then, they put the little gas mask on him. The nurse said she gave him strawberry flavored gas because he was a little strawberry.

He breathed four times. Then, he rolled his head back into his head and passed out. He didn’t look like he was sleeping, he looked dead. Jen, being a nurse, had warned me about this ahead of time, but I was still disturbed. The doctors told me to kiss him and then wait in the waiting room. I gave him a kiss, and then came just this close to saying, “I’m not going anywhere”. But I didn’t, of course.

I went out into the waiting room, and it wasn’t 15 minutes and the doctor was done.

When lil’ guy woke up – he was pissed and cranky. I felt so bad. He was pretty much in a bad mood all day.

We just got back from ice cream. Can I just say, I live in the best place on earth? We went to get ice cream, and there was a band in the street playing music for the kids. Everyone was there: the young straight families, the gay mommies and their kids, the interracial families, the families with adopted kids, the dog owners, the aging hippies – everyone. And we were just dancing and singing with the band. We had a great time.

Afterward, Jen turned to me and said, “Now that is why we live in the city.”


3 thoughts on “Boy, you guys were right

  1. Glad to hear everything is O.K. That must have been disturbing, looking at him like that. Since I still check to see if my four year old is breathing at night, I can only imagine.

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