The scuttlebutt .. that we don’t have the votes. I am going to follow my esteemed blogging peers Mass Marrier and Ryan Adams and asked that you call Senator Therese Murray, and asked that she kill the amendment by any means possible. As the senate president, it is within her power to preserve equality

Here is her information:

Senate President Therese Murray

State House
Room 330
Boston, MA 02133

Tel: (617) 722-1500
FAX: (617) 248-3840

District Office
Building Three, Room 319
Cordage Park
Plymouth, MA 02360

Tel: (508) 746-9332

I called today and spoke to a very nice woman.

Please remember, this is an extremely onerous amendment. It would take away not only marriage rights for gays, but civil unions and partnerships. It would hamper our ability to make legal contracts with one another. It is really important that fair minded people contact her.

I am so scared of it, I have signed up for another night of those dreadful phone banking calls.

And to the lady that I called who had a 3 month old baby, I’m really sorry. I mean it. I hate getting called at home, and it’s particularly annoying when you have small child. But I have a baby too, and his family is under attack. I didn’t choose this fight. There are a million things I would rather do on a Monday night than call you. If we kill this thing, I promise, I will never bother you again.

Until then, I am begging you, take five minutes and contact your legislators, contact the Senate President. Please, we need you.


2 thoughts on “The scuttlebutt ..

  1. Good for you for stepping up! It’s scary when people get used to think being “fine” and forget that the fight doesn’t really end.

    I’ll be checking back in to hear how it’s progressing.

    Good luck!

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