Calling the Bay State

It’s that time again. We are a few weeks away from the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention where they will vote on an amendment to ban gay marriage. They only need 50 votes for the amendment to proceed to the ballot.

That means its time for me to get to work. I have signed up to do phone banking on Monday night. Have I mentioned how much I hate phone banking? I know how much I hate to be called at home. Why this very evening, I hung up on a state police officer looking for money for the widows and orphans fund. I probably should have thought about karma before I did that.

I am kind of shy too, so I have to use creative imagery to help me through this. I remember watching the evening news during the 2000 election. They showed a Cuban woman in Florida campaigning for George Bush. I couldn’t understand what she was saying, but she was on the phone trying to get her neighbors to vote for him. She was beautiful and so confident. I try to imagine I am her when I am at Massequality.

So if you are in the Bay State, and someone calls you up asking you to support equality, and it sounds like she is doing a bad Ricky Ricardo impression, please don’t hang up on her.


2 thoughts on “Calling the Bay State

  1. It’s so dumb that the federal govenment doesn’t handle a lot of this stuff. But I admire you for taking it on a state by state basis. Do what you can do!

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