A friend of mine in SLAA (s3x and love addicts’ anonymous for you non-twelve steppers out there) has told me about a behavior that is prohibited in that program. It’s called rainchecking.

Say you have a girlfriend, and you are in the honeymoon period. You are still writing her name in ketchup on your hamburger and you don’t even notice that she picks at her teeth. Basically, everything is great. But then you meet girl number 2, and though you think girl number 1 is smoking hot, you start flirting with number 2. Not because you plan to cheat on number 1, you don’t. You just want a low level flirtation going to keep number 2 on the back burner. Just in case. If something should happen with number 1, you are have girl number 2 already lined up. This is called rainchecking.

So today, at work, I met my replacement. For those of you paying attention, I gave my notice for the end of the summer 2 days ago. I asked my boss how he managed to find someone so quickly.

He said, “It’s kind of funny. I had already interviewed her. Just in case. You never know when something will open up.”

No wonder he took my news so well!


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