Old McDonald had a farm

I had to take a little break after my last few posts, but I’m back now.

I took childbirth and breast feeding classes from a local maternity center here in Boston. Once you have the baby, they have all sorts of activities you can go to.

They sent me their summer list, and they had a “Child Development” program called “Summertime Fun” and you go to the center and pay money to pretend to go to the beach, on a picnic, to a farm etc. I practically yelled at the pink paper, “Why would you pay money to pretend to go to a farm when you can just go to a farm!”

So, today we went to a farm.

This is a Massachusetts state park in Carlisle. It’s great. They have farm animals and tons of land to run around on. It’s free and you can bring your dog.

Here’s lil’ guy running around.

Lil guy on the farm

Some pigs


Here he is checking out some animals.

Lil’ guy

Lil’ guy and me looking at a cow.



A moment later,

A moment later


Jen milking a cow

Jen milking a cow




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