Rhea wrote: It must have been really hard to hear your mother was abused by family members and to learn about that only after she died. 

I’ve decided to answer Rhea’s observation, so I feel the need to warn you, I think this blog is going to take a dark turn. 

So first, a conversation I had last night with another young mother.

 “I never realized how hard it is to be a mom, you worry all of the time.” 

“Yeah, about SIDS, and accidents and bullies when they get older.” 

“My mom told me that if I am worried about my son, I should pray to the Virgin Mary, and I was like Mom, she couldn’t even help her own son. He was crucified.” 

“Maybe you should pray to someone else.” 

“Yeah, like Barbara Bush. She’s done pretty well for her kids.”


2 thoughts on “Warning

  1. I peed my pants when my friend said she was going to pray to Barbara Bush. I thought it was the funniest thing I heard all week.

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