Frozen eggs and the law

One of the reasons why I have been a little non-committal about the law school thing is the student loans. Even with a scholarship, I will be 120,000 in debt.

Excuse me,

***** i feel a little dizzy ******

Ok. You can apply online. I decided that tonight, I was going to take the plunge. Be a big girl, follow my dreams


the website is down.

Saved for another day.

BTW – in Massachusetts, $120,000 is not really a house. It’s not even a condo. It would be a nicer car than I think would ever be necessary. It’s a very vulgar wedding or a lifetime of terrific vacations. It’s enough money to freeze my eggs. I really want to freeze my eggs, and won’t be able to because of law school. It costs about $12,000 a session, and then there are really high storage fees. $120,000 would freeze a lot of eggs, but if I wasn’t going to school, I wouldn’t be so interested in freezing them. I would just have another baby.

My wife tells me to forget freezing my eggs. That is a ridiculous amount of money to spend. We haven’t paid off the furniture yet. She points out that I can always use one of her eggs if I need too. I know she’s right. She’s younger, and egg supply isn’t really the problem.

This is probably more information than you want to know.


2 thoughts on “Frozen eggs and the law

  1. The loans are scary. I haven’t caught up with all your archives and such, so I don’t know how far along you are in the process. I will say – I have accepted a “big firm” job, starting in the fall. I live in MA – in a town where a house really doesn’t come for less than $600K (considering my needs, with 2 kids in tow). I won’t be buying – despite my ridiculous salary. I won’t be buying, likely, for a long time.

    I just signed my exit interview paperwork for my loans. It looks like it’s going to be $1200/mo in payments. I may try to make $2000/mo payments, in order to pay them off quicker. But $1200/mo is a lot in its own right, and a lot of my classmates don’t have jobs lined up. Some have jobs, but with smaller salaries.

    Yet, as big as the numbers are, and as scary as it is to be in this much debt – I am really glad I did this.

    And — the three years flew by (yesterday was my last class – EVER!!)

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