Working Mommy, oh my

I have heard that kids in daycare don’t behave as well as kids whose mom or dad stays at home. I am beginning to believe it. It’s not because I don’t have a terrific, emotionally sensitive day care provider, because I do. It’s because of me.

This was our night time routine when I stayed at home. I was very consistent.

  • Walk dog, play outside
  • Come in, have an organic and nutritious homemade dinner
  • Take bath
  • Read some books
  • Breastfeeding or bottle
  • In bed by 6:30 or 7:00
  • Sleep through the night

Now I am back at work, and this is how things went tonight.

  • I am late getting out of work. My boss was on a business trip for a few days, and he left me with some projects. But who has time for projects with so many great blogs in the world? So now I am rushing to get everything done in order to look productive.
  • Get to the train, but they are having “switching” problems, which basically means “crack open the New Yorker because you are going to be standing at the platform for awhile”.
  • Finally get to daycare, and I am so happy to see lil’ guy. But I am starving. I know its crazy to take a toddler into a restaurant, but I really want a Caesar salad.
  • Go to restaurant, get my salad, and get my son some vegetables. But the salad comes with purple tortilla chips, which is the only thing he is interested in. He’s eating them, but he is also having a great time smashing them up and dropping them on the floor. He then says, “Uh oh,” and everybody looks at me like I am a moron.
  • A couple of different women stop by to coo about how cute lil’ guy is. This divulges into a conversation about how they are sooo right. He is the cutest baby.
  • Lil’ guy now has to run up and down our fair city’s sidewalks, and point at every truck that goes by. A firetruck stops in front us, and it was like the second coming.
  • A friend of mine walks by with a new Havanese puppy, so can’t we can’t miss that.
  • Finally, get lil’ guy into the car and home. I am going to skip the bath, but then I realize he is filthy from being outside.
  • We take a bath, and it’s quick because now it’s late! I get him out of the tube, but now it’s time for everyone’s favorite game, run around naked and pee on everything while mommy tries to get you into your diaper.
  • Finally, mommy wins! The diaper is on and so are the pajamas. It’s really too late for a story, but he has peed on a couple of books, so I decide that counts.
  • Give him some soy milk and put him to bed. If the last few nights are any indication, he will be up in a few hours and sleeping in our bed. I won’t fight it because I miss him so much during the day.

This is probably how it is that America is going down the drain. Just as I suspected, it’s all my fault.


4 thoughts on “Working Mommy, oh my

  1. Not your fault, just the chaotic reality of our lives (like me working until 11pm). He will always know he’s loved, and cared for, and adored, and anything else mothers feel for their sons. This is hard, though, no way around that. I love you,
    the other mother

  2. Interesting analysis. I don’t have children, but I do have a similar experience with my dog. On days when I have time, he gets treated to longer walks and lots of attention. When I am rushed, I pull his leash to get him to walk faster, and then he bites it because he’s mad he’s getting pulled, etc. And then it escalates.

    I think you have a great point here. Not that I’m saying women should stay home with their babies, but that our society should accommodate childrearing so it’s possible for all parents to devote more time to it and, subsequently, not screw up their kids.

  3. You are doing the best you can, Googie…and that’s all you can really expect to do. I wish you didn’t have to work and I know that you do too. But don’t be too hard on yourself.

  4. 1. Happy mother’s day

    2. Bullshit to you! It takes a while to get your groove, it took you a year to establish a going to bed routine and it will take several more months to establish a new routine.

    My kids didn’t sleep with me, wanna know why????

    Because I wanted to be alone.

    There’s no philosophy, there’s no peer reviewed study… It’s because I wanted it that way.

    If you can figure out a time and place to get naughty without the little guy I say keep him with ya where he can snuggle.

    IF that’s what you want.

    Happy mother’s day (x2 at your house).


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