Do you ever…

make a phone call, and in the time it takes for the person to answer, your mind has wandered, and your are thinking of something else, so you are actually surprised when someone picks up the phone and says hello?

I do that.

I am home with little guy today because he is sick. He was sick last night and kept waking up crying. We brought him into bed with us, which was sweet. But then this morning, I heard a THUD, and then a screeching wail. Yep, he had rolled out of bed, so it was off to the doctor’s office this morning.

He’s fine. Just has a big ol’ goosebump on his head.


6 thoughts on “Do you ever…

  1. I have done that–and then, like an idiot, I babble “Oh, you’re there! I didn’t expect you to answer!” Like I only call when I don’t actually want to talk to them…

    Just wanted you to know that I’m still working on your header–I haven’t forgotten you, it’s just that things have been hectic around here and I was out of my medication for five days. Not a good combination.

  2. Sometimes I actually have to look at the phone to see if there is a number or name showing who exactly I have called….. then I wonder how important the call was after all.

  3. so nice to know other people do stuff like that too, makes me worry a little less about how my brain works (or doesn’t work as the case usually is).
    the thud/cry combo is the worst sound ever… i hear it often.
    kisses for the lil guy. (not to sound creepy, promise!)

  4. I miss my little family so much, I was hoping there was an update. I looked at your pictures on snapfish to say goodnight. I love you both.
    the mama

  5. Oh we miss you too! Have a good night. Our little one is sleeping in his crib! Where hopefully he will stay.

    The Mommy

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