I didn’t even RSVP

I survived my first business trip. My wife still loves me, and my son knows who I am. It was interesting. It was a trade show, and Halliburton was there with a booth the size of my condo in Boston. They were even throwing a big party on the Queen Mary for everyone. I didn’t go. At the time, I figured I need this job because I have a kid and a mortgage, but I drew the line at attending a Halliburton party. Besides, I don’t drink.

When I got home though, I wondered if maybe I should have gone. It would be like attending a party thrown by Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers. I could have been a spy for the Rebel Alliance. As I write this, I have had the realization that I am a complete geek.


5 thoughts on “I didn’t even RSVP

  1. Ack!

    I would have pretended to be your long lost twin sister to get to go to a Haliburton party on the Queen Mary!

    How could you have missed that?

    And I agree, daycare lovin’ mommy is just a womb… not a mom.

    Too bad, she doesn’t know what she’s missing.

  2. I think I might have joined you as a spy for the rebel alliance. We could have sat on the sidelines and talked trash about whatever Mrs. Darth showed up wearing.

    Actually, I probably would have been taking pictures of the food and drawn the wrath of homeland security down on our heads…at which point we would have been thrown in jail and you would have wished you drank.

  3. Hi Rosie and Housewife, it would be a totally different story if I could go to the party with you two. It would have been fun and we would have gotten into trouble for sure!

  4. We could have disguised ourselves wiht hte oxygen masks we no doubt need after spending more than 18 hours in Vegas. Seriously.

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