Chivalry is not dead

No news yet on the job front. They contacted all of my references but want me to come in for a second interview. That seems a little backwards, don’t you think? I don’t know why I am so nervous, I don’t even know if I want this job.

I wanted to relay a quick story about something that happened to me yesterday. When I came out of my interview, I went to my car and tried to get it started. It was stuck in the snow. But not in any usual kind of a way. It was stuck like Rush Limbaugh in a size 2 tutu stuck.

A gentleman saw me trying to get me car started, and he came over and started to push the car. A second gentleman saw what was going on, and he came over and helped too. These two guys shoveled the snow and pushed my car for over ½ hour. It finally broke free of the ice.

I just wanted to mention this because we hear so often how civility has completely broken down in society. But these guys worked their butts off to help me out for no reason at all. Their only reward was good karma and a hug from me. I thought it was worth mentioning.


One thought on “Chivalry is not dead

  1. Sometimes people surprise you.

    Several years ago, when I was maybe 19 or 20, my family and I had made big plans for Christmas Eve. I had come home from University for the holidays, and we were going to have our traditional Christmas Eve dinner, read “A Christmas Carol” and sit by the tree for a few hours catching up on the goings on of the past few months. Since we had relatives coming up for Christmas Day, the daytime hours of Christmas Eve would be spent grocery shopping, cooking anything that could then be reheated the next day, and cleaning the house.

    We woke up Christmas Eve to a phone call that my mom was going to have to work after all that day, and off she went. As it turned out, my dad was also so sick with a migraine he couldn’t get out of bed. I was miserable. I was given the grocery list and asked to go get everything we would need. The grocery stores were packed, and so well-shopped that I had to go clear across town to get the last few items. I was stumbling and slipping across the icy parking lot with my groceries, close to tears, and mourning the loss of a special day spent with my mom & dad, when a gentleman, also struggling with his own cart, came up and asked if I needed help. Giving me a few minutes of what was obviously a busy day for him, too, he put my groceries in the back of the car and wished me a Merry Christmas. I thanked him, wished him the same, and got into my car to go home. When I got home, Dad had gotten up, finished vacuuming despite how he felt, and we spent the afternoon doing our Christmas baking and cooking.

    I think there are a lot more decent people than we think out there, we just have to give them a chance (without taking too many chances, of course – safety is the most important thing).

    I often wonder, when I’m going about my own business, if I don’t always see when someone else could use a hand. Is it possible that I am less than civil on occasion as well? I like to think of myself as a good person, but I know sometimes my head is down and I am focused on my own life.

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