Speaking of staying alive

One of my wife’s favorite uncles is in the hospital. He had a heart attack. Normally, I would be pretty upset about this. However, after last week’s Con Con, I decided to go over to Know Thy Neighbor.org to see if I knew anyone who had signed the petition to ban gay marriage. I hadn’t really thought through what I would do with the information. And wouldn’t you know it, this man who had always been so kind to us, had come to our wedding and wished us well, had signed the petition. Its true that there has been some fraudulent activity. But I talked about it with my wife, and she thinks he probably did sign it.

I was going to confront him on it, but then he had triple bypass surgery. Even my wife says that what he gets for signing that petition.


3 thoughts on “Speaking of staying alive

  1. Now I’m not the biggest fan of two women parenting but I’m not against it either.

    I’m a pretty shitty father and a good mother (on my good days). For that reason alone I can’t understand the unique challenges of single sex parenting. But again, I don’t think it’s bad.

    I’m not a lesbian, I don’t have any lesbian friends AND I wouldn’t be an activist for gay marriage.


    I wouldn’t vote against it either.

    I wouldn’t keep you from parenting.

    I wouldn’t keep you from teaching my kids in school.


    I think that it’s unbelievably shitty that a favorite Uncle doesn’t have the balls to tell you the truth.


    I don’t believe G-d would punish him but I’m wondering if his seething hatred helped cause the heart attack


    I think you have a right to your anger.


    This isn’t the time to bring it up. Zip it, keep your marriage in tact and wait for her to find out, even if it’s because you leave the web page open.


    People shoot the messenger all the time, good people shoot messengers. Let the one who committed the vile act get the brunt of the anger, you don’t deserve it.

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