Eve of the last day of the legislative session

I am bracing myself for bad news. They only need 50 legislators to approve it. Then they vote on it one more year, and if it passes, it goes on the ballot. It will be a couple of more years of campaigning to keep it from becoming law. A couple more years of treading through attacks on my family.

The baby’s godmothers wanted me and the kid to show up at the state house tomorrow. I didn’t like the idea at all. It brings out all of the homophobes, and if they lose, I think they could become hostile. I know that he is too young to understand, but I didn’t want him exposed to that. Right now, there is nothing in his consciousness about hate. He has no idea that people hate his family. I am sure someday we will have to deal with it. Right now, I just want his mind free from it for as long as possible.


3 thoughts on “Eve of the last day of the legislative session

  1. Googie– I’m keeping mine at home as well.. too scary. There’s plenty of time for her to become an activist, and no doubt that she’ll be one. They’re only babies once. I have a good feeling about this, though– FYI. — Susan

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